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The FallenSky Handbook remained on the table for staff discussion for quite a long time. The staff aims for a concise rulebook that will leave no questions to everyone in the community. This big revision has been thought of because of the unending debate of what is wrong, what is right, what's permissible, and what is not. All rules below will be final once this handbook is approved by the Highest Staff. All is set based on the server principles and what of a server we aim to be. All punishments and consequences are what the Staff Team thinks to be enough to make violators pay for their actions.

The FallenSky Rulebook sets out the rules and regulations of the server. Everything declared below is to be followed by EVERYONE from the community. These mandates exempt nobody even the Staff Team, the Promotion Team, the Donors, and the like.

Do take note that all rules are approved and studied by everyone in the Staff Team, before actual hiring, the staff is monitored and observed so we can assure that the team itself is a role model for the rules we've professed.

In a situation where you think that you are falsely banned by Staff, you have the whole right to appeal. These matters are to be discussed privately and rest assured that the staff team will be open ears and open-minded enough to understand both situations. In case it is proven to be a staff member's shortcoming/mistake, put in mind that we're prone to errors too since we are human like you. Punishments set will be revoked/reduced if the course of action has an obvious flaw.

This handbook is open for revisions if there's a need.

Section 1.1 Typing in Full Caps
- Typing in full CAPS is not allowed since it may be considered shouting and irritating.

Section 1.2 Chat flood
- Flooding/spamming is not allowed because we’re maintaining a clean chatbox for everyone reading.

Section 1.3 Inappropriate Messages
- NSFW messages, swear words, hate speeches against others are prohibited from this server because we aim to be a healthy and family-friendly server.

Section 1.4 Toxicity
- Any form of toxic conversation is not tolerated in FallenSkyMC. This is observed so we can provide a friendly environment for every Fallenite.

Section 1.5.1 Begging from Players 
- Begging from players is not allowed because it may be irritating for the ones you’re asking. Wait for them to give you something, do not ask.

Section 1.5.2 Begging from Staff 
- Asking staff for extra perks, in-game money, and items is prohibited because it may also be irritating. We’re also avoiding bias so we avoid accepting shallow requests.


Section 2.1 Entering the Netherroof
- This action is extremely prohibited since it affects the server performance.

Section 2.2 Bypassing AFK Kicker
- Players will be kicked automatically after 10 minutes of being AFK. Any form of bypass to this such as AFK pools, carts, patterned movements, and etc. are not allowed.

Section 2.3 Alt Abuse
- Abusing alts for more rewards is not tolerated on this server. We promote legit grinding and to claim rewards for free is an unfair advantage.

Section 2.4 Stealing/Griefing
- We do not promote stealing and griefing. Respect everyone’s property and get/build your own.

Section 2.5 Inappropriate Skins
- NSFW, invisible, and anything similar skins are not allowed. There are children in the server and invisible skins may give one an advantage in other aspects.

Section 2.6 Griefing Spawn Borderline
- This is obviously not allowed since it’s staff-protected. Any form of grief on this will lead to consequences.

Section 2.7 Scamming (Scamming in Kingdoms is Allowed)
- Scamming in all forms is not tolerated on this server. This includes renaming items and selling them, gaining one’s trust to get his property and stuff, and etc.

                              Disallowed Types of Scamming in Kingdoms:
                                 - Global Scamming (Exchanging Keys from Kingdoms to Survival or vice versa)
                                 - Using Premium Ranks to scam someone is strictly not allowed.

Section 2.10 Inappropriate Item Names
- Inappropriate names such as curse words, NSFW words, belief-attacking words, and racist words are not allowed.

Section 2.11 Youtuber/Player Impersonation
- Pretending to be famous YouTubers and other players to take advantage, bully, frame others, and ruin one’s reputation will be punishable by the FallenSkyMC Rulebook.

Section 2.12 Uncooperative with Staff Investigation
- People under investigation are REQUIRED to cooperate and share everything they know when asked. Being uncooperative with staff investigations, even by joking about it, will lead to a punishment.

Section 2.13 AFK Farming / Auto Clicker
- The use of auto clicker, or auto-clicking in any form is not allowed. Using something as a weight to your mouse, and clicking continuously while AFK, is not an exemption. Also doing something in real life while clicking on AFK is included.


Section 3.1 Hack Clients
- ALL Hack clients and 3rd party applications that give you an unfair advantage are not allowed on the server. Examples are Xray, Mods & texture packs that give unfair advantages, and others.

Section 3.2 Ban Evasion
- Evading your ban with an alternate account can lead to a ban increase. In case of a situation where you have a family member playing, players are REQUIRED to inform staff BEFORE everything else. Evidence and observation will be required. 

Section 3.3 Mute Evasion
- Writing on signs, books, and etc. while on a mute punishment is not allowed. The same goes for chatting on discord while muted in-game.

Section 3.4 Provoking Staff
- Exposing staff members while they have vanished in the middle of an investigation is disallowed. This includes joking about hack clients, joking about crashing the server, and jokes about violating the rules.

Section 3.5 Chargeback
- Opening a payment dispute after buying from the webstores is not allowed. We are following a strict NO-REFUND-Policy. Reporting and any form of refunding will lead to a major ban.

Section 3.6 Bug Exploitation
- Using in-game bugs or exploit to one’s advantage can lead to various consequences. If bugs and problems are found, report them immediately to staff.

Section 3.7 Map Exploitation
- Abusing the flaws of the server maps will not be tolerated. If there is something wrong with the gamemode/map, report it immediately to staff.

Section 3.8 Accomplice
- Helping or assisting hackers/rulebreakers will face the same punishment as the violators. People like these should be reported, not tolerated.

Section 3.9 Swearing with a Disease/Disability
- Making use of disabilities/diseases such as depression, cancer, and the like to cover up one’s violation is completely forbidden. 

Section 3.10 Punishment Complaining
- Arguing with staff regarding the punishment given to you will lead to an increase in ban time. In case, you think your ban is unjust, file a ban appeal respectfully.

Section 3.11 Advertising Hack Clients
- Encouraging others to use modified clients and such is strictly prohibited.

Section 3.12 Staff Impersonation
- Creating alt accounts under staff member names is not allowed. Framing staff, taking advantage of others by using a staff member's name, and trolling others will be punishable by the Handbook.

Section 3.13 No In-game Stuff for Real Money
- We do not promote transactions regarding in-game items for real cash. This is to prevent future and possible scams.


Section 4.1 Server Crashing/Lagging
- ALL forms of server crashing, server backdoor, DDOS, and the like will lead to a permanent ban.

Section 4.2 Racism
- In a time when everyone should be sensitive about this matter, we are with promoting equality for each and every one. Racism will not be tolerated on this server.

Section 4.3 Staff Disrespect / Hate Speeches against the Server
- Disrespecting the people working behind this community is a big NO. Spreading false information and hate speeches about the server will lead to a huge punishment.

Section 4.4 Advertising
- Advertising and recruiting other players to join a server will lead to a permanent ban. This includes advertising by the use of books, signs, chats, and etc.

Section 4.5 Sexual Harassment
- Sexually harassing other people is EXTREMELY prohibited on this server. We are aiming to promote a safe environment for everyone.

Section 4.6 Real-Life Threats
- Death threats, harm threats, and suicide threats are prohibited on this server.

Section 4.7 Identity Exposure
- Exposing one’s personal information without proper consent is disallowed. People who violate will face the right consequences.

1st Offense - 1st Warning

2nt Offense - 2nd Warning

3rd Offense - Final Warning (Kick)

4th Offense - 2 Hours Mute

5th Offense - 5th Warning

6th Offense - 3 Days Ban

1st Offense - 7 Days Ban

2nt Offense - 15 Days Ban

3rd Offense - 30 Days Ban

4th Offense - 60 Days Ban

5th Offense - 90 Days Ban

1st Offense - 30 Days IP-Ban

2nt Offense - 60 Days IP-Ban

3rd Offense - 90 Days IP-Ban

4th Offense - 360 Days IP-Ban

5th Offense - Permanent IP-Ban

1st Offense - Permanent IP-Ban