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Divided into two servers, Survival is the pioneer of all servers on FallenSky. A server where moneymaking techniques, resource gathering, mob hunting, and the like are vital in order to sustain and survive. A semi-vanilla experience that offers features such as Crates, Claims, Jobs, MCMMO, World Bosses, Custom Enchants, Premium Ranks and Kits, and many more to discover!




Skyblock, the originally planned main gamemode for FallenSky. It is a vast world in the skies, the home of grinders and farmers. Loaded with promising features such as Minions, Shards System (Mobcoins), In-game and Premium Ranks, World Bosses, Crates, and 150+ Custom enchantments, and many more, it will surely feel like home above the clouds!




Gather your friends, or may we say troops, and embark on a journey to become the Top Kingdom in the world! Create a nation, invade others, defend your nexus, upgrade your kingdom champion, form alliances, raid world bosses, tame pets, enchant your gear with custom enchantments, and find out who the spy in your kingdom is...? The fun and thrilling experience begins here




Minecraft's most-hyped PVP game mode, Bedwars is a fun minigame where the goal is to destroy the other teams' beds then neutralize all enemies while trying to defend and maintain your own bed. Topped with amazing features such as a level system, unique cosmetics, leaderboards, and a strong Anti-Cheat program, FallenSkyMC surely offers a Bedwars experience like no other.




A home for PVP junkies, Duels is a server where you can hone your PVP skills and techniques! Offering a huge variety of modes to play on such as UHC, Sumo, Combo, Spleef, Skywars, the Bridge, Classic, HCF, Boxing, and many more others to choose from. Packed with ranks, cosmetics, and leaderboards, PVP couldn't be any better.




A humble game mode for Minecrafters who prefer it simple, offering a multiplayer vanilla experience to those who are signed up to the SMP. Farm to survive, build to thrive, grind to get the best armors and weapons, then beat Minecraft like how you should.