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IGN: jamest
4 months ago

The first and sometimes the most difficult step in the essay-writing process is deciding what to write about. Experts believe that students should narrow the focus and write about a specific my homework help experience, hobby or interest that reveals something personal, such as how they think they value or what their strengths are. The essay doesn't have to be about the applicant's most important accomplishment-a common misconception. The admissions staff we spoke with cited memorable essays that dealt with common topics, including catching fish, the applicant's trip to and from school, and the family dinner table. Most important to the admissions committee was that the essay be thoughtful and provide an opportunity to understand the applicant as a person. That way, no matter what topic students choose, they will end up writing about themselves. What essay topics you choose is just a frame or lens you have to use. If applicants have trouble brainstorming potential topics, they can enlist the help of friends or family members and ask the following questions: "what do you think makes me different" or "what's my highlight?" Here are some questions to help with choosing an essay topic: "What sets your family apart from other families?" "Does your family celebrate cultural holidays? Are any of them meaningful to you?" "Do you have a unique family tradition?" "What do you want to be? What did you do during school to make it happen?"


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